Content Career Terms of Service


  1. Definitions and Scope of terms
  2. Contractual Relationship
  3. Account
  4. Services
  5. Pricing and VAT
  6. Approval / Cancellation / Warranties
  7. Payment & Invoicing
  8. Obligations of the Users
  9. Intellectual Property Claim
  10. Legal Consequences of Illicit Use
  11. Liability Limitation
  12. Changes and Alterations
  13. Miscellaneous


1. Definition and Scope of Terms

Welcome to, a platform for online writing services performed by a network of users providing online content writing skills. The following Terms of Service should be read carefully before using our services.
Content Career (‘’ or ‘Platform’) is a Platform owned by Raketech Group Holding plc, registered company number C4881 and incorporated in Malta. provides a word processing platform for freelance online content solutions, such as translations, search engine optimisation, content writing, editing, proofreading etc. (“Services”). Content Career subcontracts work to users (“Freelancers”) who register with the Platform and subscribe to produce content.

Freelancers are also referred to as “Content Writers” or “Proof Readers” depending on their role and the services which they provide. Together, Content Writers and Proof Readers may be referred to as “Users”.

Raketech will request Services on the Platform that are presented in the form of “Tickets” which contain a list of work “Tasks” for the Users to complete. The Services will be performed by a suitable Freelancer according to topic, language and Content Writer’s level. A new Content Writer that joins the Platform will starts at Level 1, unless otherwise agreed upon by Content Career. Users can accrue account level points based on the quality of their performance and reputation.

“Editors” are multiple individuals appointed by Content Career who are responsible for creating job tickets consisting of one or several tasks. Additionally, Editors are entitled to review, edit, approve, provide feedback, and request changes to the Services completed by the Freelancers.

“Work Stations” are features within the Platform which provide the appropriate tools for Freelancers to perform the requested Services.
Unless otherwise agreed or prescribed by law the contractual relationship between Users and is subject to the following standard terms of service (“Terms”).


2. Contractual Relationship

Content Career will also communicate via [email protected] to notify Users about system updates and other important announcements. These Terms shall not constitute to any legal relationship whatsoever between Freelancers and


3. Account

In order to perform Services as a Freelancer, a User needs to register a personal account (“Account”). Users must be over the age of 18 and anyone providing false information will be banned from using the Platform.
The User shall provide with a full name, phone-number, email-address, country of residence, VAT number and payment method / details.

The User is obligated to provide accurate information during the registration process. Registration under a pseudonym, an erroneous residence address or e-mail address is not permitted. Users are encouraged to create secure login details and passwords and to keep their login details safe from unauthorized third parties or individuals.

The User agrees not to register for more than one Account without express written permission from Content Career. The User agrees not to ask or allow another person to create an Account on their behalf, use, or benefit.
Content Career reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse, suspend, withhold liability of payment, or revoke any access to the Services – in particular but not limited to – when any information provided is not true, accurate, or complete, in case that such information or other conduct otherwise violates the Terms of Service. Content Career will hold payment if it considers the quality of Services performed are non-sufficient or the performance of the Services provided is not appropriate.

Content Career is not liable for stolen or hacked accounts and the User acknowledges the full responsibility of his account security and earnings.


4. Services

Content Career provides Users with editorial Services in the form of Tickets and Tasks. Freelancers may produce new content as Proof Reader and/or Editor may edit and review content produced by Content Writers to ensure the best quality of content. Content Career reserves the right to reject content which does not meet the required standard as stated in the instructions and/or quality of content is poor and deemed worthless to the company.


5. Pricing and VAT

Unless otherwise agreed, remuneration paid by to Freelancers will follow a fixed rate based on a pay-per-word system as set out in the Platform. Content Career reserves the right to increase or decrease the pay per word stated on the Platform as deemed necessary and without any prior notice.

All price quotations are net prices to which the current legal value-added tax is to be added in each case, if applicable.
If a Freelancer has their premises in Malta, VAT will not be added to the remuneration amount payable if the respective Freelancer proves they are VAT exempt. Otherwise both the VAT Number and VAT percentage amount must be added in  Content Career.


6. Approval / Cancellation / Warranties

Before approval of work, each Ticket will be made available to the Editor for editing and approval. If the ticket requires a correction, the Editor can decide to send the whole ticket back to the Content Writer with feedback or send for proofreading to a pool of Proof Readers.

After editing and/or correction of the Ticket, the Content is sent back to the Editor for final reviewing. Once the quality of content is satisfactory the Editor may choose to Approve the Ticket. At any point during the process the ticket may be rejected without prior notice and without feedback if the level of work is deemed insignificant or poor quality.

It is the Users obligation to put the ticket they are working on in the In Progress queue and by that locking the ticket from possible editing or deletion. All other queues are open for editing and deleting at any moment in time.


7. Payment & Invoicing

Content Career will provide a view of balance-accounts for each User. An invoice will be generated automatically the first of every month based on the information you entered into the Content Career system and sent for payment with 20 bank days of credit. It is the Freelancer’s full responsibility to determine VAT registration and charges for his/her country of residence and to pay VAT charges as required by law in his/her country of residence.  Users can download each autogenerated invoice as soon as it is created and is advised to do.

The current version of Content Career does not support any third-party invoicing but does not prohibit the use of it. Any users who wish to use third-party invoicing firms are responsible to inform the invoicing firm of what data and transactions is automatically supplied from Content Career and get consent to connect their IBAN and Bic with Content Career.

The invoice will target tickets from previous month that have reached the state “Approved”. Upon approval, money equivalent to the respective “Ticket Pay-out” amount in the User’s “Pending Balance” is passed on to the User’s “Withdrawable Balance”. Only money in the Withdrawable Balance will be processed. Without Ticket Approval, however, Content Career reserves the right to withhold the User’s fee as the task is not regarded as completed.

Content Career reserves the right to increase or decrease the pay per word on each level as deemed necessary and without any prior notice. Content Career reserves the right not to pay an invoice under the amount of €50.


8. Obligations of the Users

The User shall, to the best of their knowledge and ability ensure that from the moment they take and/or assign a ticket to themselves, until they have their content approved by an Editor, ensure that the process is made as efficient as possible. This entails, but not limited to, an efficient communication with quick and straight to the point responses, proper correction of content where required and delivery of good quality work.

Content Career shall provide the User with instructions, if any, regarding the expected product in a comprehensive form. The User is bound to follow the requested instructions to the best of his/her knowledge and ensure adequate security of the data. All Content delivered must be strictly unique content and pass a plagiarism test.

Any Content uploaded to the “Work Station” and any content submitted to must be consistent with the applicable law. Uploading any content or information capable of doing harm to the interests of Content Career or its public image shall not be permitted. Accordingly, the following shall especially not be permitted:
uploading content in contravention to applicable data protection, criminal, and copyright law and any provisions protecting personality and commercial protection rights;
uploading insulting, libelous, unconstitutional, racist, sexist, or pornographic content.

Any use targeted towards negatively impacting the security or availability of rendering it non-functional, or preventing, impeding, or delaying the use thereof shall also not be permitted.


9. Intellectual Property and the Freelancers do not grant any confidentiality whatsoever with respect to Ticket instructions and with respect to the Content produced on the platform.
Any Content produced on the platform is owned by, along with any copyrights. Content Career reserves the right to use all content or parts of work submitted for any purpose. Content Career is not responsible for any violation of copyright laws by any User.

As operator of a word processing platform Content Career is not responsible for the content produced on the platform and in particular does not assume any warranty for the Users’ copyright to instructions put to and contents produced on the platform.


Should a User violate the obligations it has under this Agreement or applicable law, shall, without having to issue a prior warning, have the right to ban the User from any further use of the Platform until the User terminates the violation and remedies the consequences of the violation.

Users shall identify Content Career of any and all claims asserted by other Users or other third parties of illicit use of the Platform by the User. The User is accountable for any account violation according to the applicable law and agreements. In said event, Users shall also reimburse for any costs it has incurred for its legal defence.
In the event of any preclusion, termination rights and claims for damages of shall not be affected.


11. Liability Limitation

If a breach of contract obligations is not intentional the ensuing liability for damages shall be limited to the amount which was foreseeable.

Content Career does not guarantee a constant access to the Platform. Temporary interruption of accessibility due to e.g. maintenance, power failure or shut-down is possible.

As an operator of a word processing platform is not responsible for any content put to or produced on the Platform. Any further liability for compensation is excluded.


12. Changes and Alterations

Content Career shall reserve the right to redesign the specific form of its Terms of Service at any time in the event such becomes necessary on account of technical developments. Material contractual constituents including, but not limited to, any principle performances owed that would constitute part of any amendment thereto shall not be subject to said condition. shall notify Users of any amendments via e-mail given by the Users prior to the amendments taking effect.


13. Miscellaneous

All agreements, as well as their amendments or cancellation, must be done in writing. Any legal relationship between and the User shall be governed by the laws of Malta.

In case that a provision of these terms is ineffective, then such shall not affect the remaining provisions hereof. The ineffective provisions shall be deemed to be replaced by the provision coming in a legally effective manner as close as economically possible to the spirit of the ineffective provision. The same shall hold for any loopholes these Terms may contain.

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